I was born with many health problems and have always had to be very careful with any product I ever used. Due to my health, my immune system could not tolerate cosmetics, nail polish, perfumes & personal care products. I tried every “natural” product out there just to find out that they were not very effective and they still contained toxic ingredients. Finding products that are effective and entirely by product free can be a real challenge. You have no idea how long I’ve searched high and low to find products over the years such as these! I exclusively use these products for myself and my family and rest assured knowing their safe and good for us! Please don’t wait for your health to be affected, change your daily chemical routine today to prevent health problems in the near future!

I love this job, I get to provide amazing natural products that we all need so desperatly and in turn it allows me to stay home with my four children. Thanks for checking us out!

Wishing you great health!

Lora Harlan
Willow Tree Minerals